Important News for all Royal Enfield fans & owners.

If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast from India, you either already own a Royal Enfield, or you will buy one as soon as you have saved up enough. I genuinely think there is no third kind. And thus you would already know that in as many years of its existence the only thing to have ever stopped an Enfield, has been the Covid-19 pandemic. Neither age, nor crashes, nor being manhandled, nor terrain, but a tiny virus. (sigh, the irony)

But there is some good news, even though the company, Royal Enfield’s manufacturing operations were suspended on March 23, 2020 in line with Government directives of the nation-wide lockdown to curtail the spread of COVID-19, Royal Enfield has resumed operations at its manufacturing facilities starting May 6, 2020. This has happened after new directives were issued by the Government on May 01, 2020 with regards to resumption of manufacturing, industrial and commercial business activities.

Here’s what you need to know, as a potential buyer in the near future. Not only will the company offer facilities like ‘home test-rides’ to ensure adherence to preventive safety measures, but the brand’s manufacturing unit at Oragadam, near Chennai, India will be the first to begin operations in a staggered manner, with minimal staff over a single shift. Employees and shop floor staff residing in and around plant locations will be aligned to work in these units so as to avoid long-distance travel and minimise contact during transportation. There will be complete compliance to norms of social distancing & workplace sanitisation. Operations at the other two manufacturing facilities – Tiruvottiyur and Vallam Vadagal – will be started in a phased manner.

Here’s what you need to know as an existing customer, looking for servicing or checkups etc. While the majority of Royal Enfield dealer network will continue to remain closed, around 120 dealerships have begun partial operations. The company expects around 300 dealerships, in all, to be operational by mid May with strict safety measures and social distancing norms will be followed at dealerships as well. During the period of the lockdown, Royal Enfield has extended warranty and free service validity for a period of two months. All other office locations including corporate offices in Chennai, Gurgaon and the UK Technical Centre will continue to remain closed, and employees will work from home as of now. And as always, they are extensively available for help, online.

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