Sennhieser’s Profile USB Microphone, now available in India

Sennheiser India has released a new USB microphone with top-quality sound, perfect for podcasting, live streaming, music production and professional recording. Its advanced technology and sleek design make it a good fit for enthusiasts and professionals.

How to shoot startrails photos from android phones. Free & easy.

Star trails are photos of the night sky where a series of long exposure images are composited to trace the diurnal path of stars & other celestial objects in the sky. They look absolutely stunning & in a way are a reminder of the circle of life & how we are simply observers in theContinue reading “How to shoot startrails photos from android phones. Free & easy.”

Over 2500 new Electric Vehicle Charging Stations coming up soon in Delhi NCR. You can get one too.

ETO Motors has joined hands with BSES and Tata Power DDL to set up around 2000-3000 EV charging stations in the next 2-3 years.

Here’s how you can win the soon-to-be-launched OnePlus 9RT or the OnePlus Buds Z2

OnePlus just announced their Winter Launch event. The virtual event will be held LIVE on the 14th of January and will see the launch of the OnePlus 9RT and the OnePlus Buds Z2.

You can now wear custom designed Riding Jackets to complement you & your Royal Enfield bike.

Royal Enfield is extending the Make It yours (MiY) programme, to its range of riding jackets. Enthusiasts can now buy their riding jackets according to their riding needs through a new intuitive interface.

Jabra’s Elite Series at up to 80% discount during Amazon Prime Day 2021

Jabra has announced attractive deals on its high premium Elite range, timed perfectly for Amazon Prime Day. Jabra Elite range will be available at never-before seen price, at up to 80% discount.

Sennheiser just launched new microphones that are super simple to use with smartphones + will deliver amazing sound quality

Sennheiser has launched the XS Lav system, thus bring amazing sound recording quality to mobile content creators at a fair budget.

A recent Consumer Study by Western Digital brought to attention some pain-points of the growing Indian Gaming Community

Gaming in India has grown exponentially. With more people migrating to PC gaming, this brings certain challenges as well. Most of them being hardware related.

India’s first-ever Tri-Nation Invitational ‘Valorant’ Esports Championship announced. Cash prize pool of ₹ 4,00,000 up for grabs.

India’s leading game streaming and eSports platform Rooter hosts the country’s first-ever Tri-nation Invitational Valorant Championship- Rise of Legends 2021. 16 top teams from India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka will face off in the 8-day tournament scheduled to commence from June 3rd.

How to use your Hard Disk or Pen Drive wirelessly? Is the HooToo Tripmate Titan the best power bank that you can buy?

Share Photos/Videos/Documents from your USB storage, smartphone or tablet with friends and colleagues through TripMate wireless network.

The first all-electric Google Street View car is a Jaguar I-PACE in Dublin, Ireland.

Air Pollution in Dublin shall be tracked by a car that in itself generates zero tailpipe pollution, the Jaguar I-PACE.

New free-of-cost COVID-19 Oxygen Hospital in Faridabad, Haryana; courtesy of Omega Seiki Mobility

Omega Seiki Mobility with Haryana Government opens free of cost Covid-19 dedicated hospital for public in Faridabad.