You can now wear custom designed Riding Jackets to complement you & your Royal Enfield bike.

Own a Royal Enfield bike? Seen one of them? Heard of them ever??? Then you already know that they are very customisable. But the company is now extending their Make It Your (MIY) programme to their range of riding jackets. This includes Helmets & even T-Shirts. All you need to do is head to the Make It Yours homepage.

The initiative is the next step in the company’s concept of Your Adventure, Your Jacket. The interface is really intuitive & it makes the experience of owning a special, tailored piece of riding gear really fun. Right now we can choose through a catalogue of different pre-set components and we can customise it from a choice of colours, liners, armours and even the options to add winter and rain liners to the riding jackets. 

OEM Riding Jackets by Royal Enfield are now customisable

The only logical missing piece towards ultimate customisation, is the ability to add custom text/logos/decals/graphics. Customised Helmets from the company give you the ability to add two lines on custom text. Bringing something similar to these jackets would make these absolutely bespoke, unique and personal.

The company also released a short promo film highlighting the same initiative.

Royal Enfield MIY | Make It Yours Riding Jacket Promo Film

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