Sennhieser’s Profile USB Microphone, now available in India

To leverage the plug n’ play audio market in India, Sennheiser India recently announced the launch of their Profile USB Microphone in India. While the product has been available in some global markets for quiet a while, India is new for this streaming & podcasting style USB Type-C powered desktop microphone. & to begin with, it is exclusive to Amazon India.

The Profile USB Microphone comes built around the tried, tested & revered KE 10 cardioid pattern capsule, thus audio rejection from the rear side of the capsule is maintained well. This ensures that maximum capture is from the front side of the capsule, where the subject is intended to be placed. The capsule can be tilted for optimal capture placement & the self locking joints, hold up any positioning sturdily. Targeted towards YouTubers, podcasters, gamers, and streamers, the product builds on Sennheiser’s legendary build quality & their famed audio quality. Ease-of-use has also been given key focus, since it is powered by USB Type-C, you simply need to connect the other end of the USB Cable to any Type-C compatible device, like the newer iPads, Mac devices, Windows laptops & Android smartphones, & the Profile USB Microphone will show up as the audio input device. Simple. Technical data can be found at the end of this page.

Sennheiser Profile USB Microphone. USB Type-C post & a 3.5mm jack for monitoring audio.

You will also notice a 3.5mm headphone out on the back. This port offers real time monitoring with zero latency.

In the front you get a soft touch Mute button on top & it has an LED ring around it that glows Red when engaged. The Gain Control knob right below it also comes with an LED ring to indicate power & audio clipping. If it’s yellow, it’s clipping & you should turn the Gain dial down. & when you mute the microphone, it also glows Red. You also get a knob to control the balance mix for the microphone & the connected device’s levels. This only affects the monitoring output from the microphone itself, & helps when you’re talking over other sound sources within your system. Lastly, the headphone monitoring knob is global scale levels, but only for the monitoring coming out from the microphone. These two knobs don’t affect the recording levels going out from the microphone & into your recording system/device.

The microphone is offered in two functional bundles. A regular version with a base stand that you can place on any flat surface, & a Profile Streaming Set which comes with a 3-point self-locking boom arm. The arm includes integrated cable management, & looks minimally clean & professional to be made part of streaming or podcasting setups.

You can buy the standard version of the Sennheiser Profile USB Microphone off of Amazon India here. & the Profile Streaming Set can be bought here.

***If you purchase the device from the affiliate links posted above, I get paid a commission amount by Amazon India for bringing sales & traffic to them. It in no way affects the pricing for you or what I say about the product.

Microphone type:Pre-polarised condenser microphone
Pick-up pattern:Cardioid
Powering:via USB-C (MacOS/iPadOS/Windows/Android)
Power supply:5 V, max. 200 mA
OS interoperability:Windows 10.0 or higher; macOS 10.15 or higher; Android 9.0 or higher, iPad OS 14 or higher (compatible with USB-C enabled Apple devices)
Cable length:Profile: 1.2 m
Profile Streaming Set: 3 m
Frequency range:20 to 20,000 Hz
Sampling rates:44.1 kHz, 48 kHz
Sampling resolution:16 Bit, 24 Bit
Max SPL:125 dB SPL at min. gain
85 dB SPL at max. gain
Sensitivity at max. gain:-10 dBFS at 80 dB SPL
Sensitivity at min. gain:-50 dBFS at 80 dB SPL
Connectors:USB type-C (USB 2.0 Full Speed)
3.5 mm TRS for headphone monitoring
Headphone output:Frequency range 20 – 18,500 Hz
16 ohms min. output impedance
Technical Specifications of Sennheiser Profile USB Microphone

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