OnePlus will launch the new Nord Buds CE in India on 4th August. Check pricing & features here…

The OnePlus Nord sub-brand launched their first audio product, the OnePlus Nord Buds in April, 2022, & now the lineup gets another addition. They’re the OnePlus Nord Buds CE.

Highlights of the OnePlus Nord Buds CE
  • The Nord Buds CE are designed around 13.4mm titanium dynamic drivers. As per present tastes, they have been tuned to be bass heavy, when needed. Their special closed-tube design can boost bass frequencies up to 3db.
    • You further get four EQ modes. Bass for deep, heavy bass. Serenade for focusing more on the vocals. Balanced for balanced bass, treble & vocals. Gentle for softer, mellow bits.
  • Equipped with Bluetooth 5.2, when paired with a OnePlus smartphone, the Nord Buds CE offer latency as low as 94 ms.
    • AAC & SBC codecs supported.
    • AI Noise Reduction Algorithm blocks out wind & background noise during calls.
    • Game Mode can be switched on with three taps on the headset & it makes the picture & sound sync better.
    • OnePlus smartphone users get quick pairing via the OnePlus Fast Pair feature. Other Android users are suggested to use the Heymelody app, found on the Google Play Store to explore all features better.
  • You get two colour options, Moonlight White & Misty Grey.
    • The semi-in-ear design offers ultra-light pressure, thus aiding prolonged use.
    • The buds weigh 3.5g & the case weighs 33g.
    • The buds are IPX4 rated.
  • Expected battery life of up to 4.5 hours, which can be extended to up to 20 hours with a fully charged case.
    • A quick 10 minute charge of the case with the buds inside, can get the buds running for another 81 mins.
    • Each bud has a 27 mAh battery & the case has a battery capacity of 300 mAh.


Play / Pause


Next Track

Answer / End Call


Voice Assistant

Enter Game Mode

The open sale for the OnePlus Nord Buds CE starts on 4th of August, 2022. You can order these from the official OnePlus website & app, Flipkart & many other offline partners. The OnePlus Nord Buds CE costs ₹ 2299.

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