How to shoot startrails photos from android phones. Free & easy.

Star trails are photos of the night sky where a series of long exposure images are composited to trace the diurnal path of stars & other celestial objects in the sky. They look absolutely stunning & in a way are a reminder of the circle of life & how we are simply observers in the grander scheme of things. Might I say, we’re just standing outside the theatre of grand purpose, in a line.

To create a Star trail photo from your Android phone, you need to first click a sequence of images of stars in the night sky. Yes, Astrophotography. Essentially you need to shoot a time-lapse of stars.

Use AstroCam to take long exposure time lapses of stars easily.

Once you have a time lapse of celestial objects moving across is the night sky, you can use an app called Star Trails to convert this sequence in to a Star Trail photo.

The super simple process has been detailed in the video below to make it even more simpler. You can also download a sequence of sample images here, if you wish to try out the Star Trails app for yourself. Unzip the photos to a new folder, & then use them in the Star Trails app to get an idea about how it works & the different modes available.

How to shoot Star Trail photos from any Android Smartphone

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