New free-of-cost COVID-19 Oxygen Hospital in Faridabad, Haryana; courtesy of Omega Seiki Mobility

Omega Seiki Private Limited, manufacturer of steel parts for automotive & engineering industries in India & abroad inaugurated a dedicated COVID-19 Oxygen Hospital in Faridabad, Haryana today. The facility is completely free for patients suffering from the novel Corona Virus.

The Oxygen Hospital is located in the Sanjay Colony area of Faridabad, Approximate location has been tagged in the map above & approximate Google Maps location has been tagged to the name as well.

Present at the inauguration were Dr Randeep Singh Punia, CMO, Faridabad, Haryana, Mr. Jaiveer Khatana, Councillor (Ward Number 3), Faridabad and Mr. Uday Narang, Chairman, Omega Seiki Mobility. Omega Seiki Mobility airlifted oxygen concentrators from South Korea which can cater up to 30 patients at a time in the Oxygen Hospital. Apart from this inauguration, several other announcements pertaining to the fight against COVID-19 were made by Mr. Uday Narang, Chairman, Omega Seiki Mobility.

  • #MissionZindagi: Omega Seiki Mobility to set up Mobile Oxygen Camps in Rage+ for the Tier II and III cities. The vehicle will be fitted with an Oxygen Concentrator which can provide oxygen to 25 to 30 people at a time.
    • Omega Seiki Mobility is setting up a 24×7 mobile oxygen producing plant for 25-30 people. The concentrator has been sourced from South Korea and will be fitted to a Rage+ electric vehicle. Mission Zindagi will be visiting different cities and towns of Haryana providing oxygen to patients.
  • Molecular Labs for COVID-19 Testing: Omega Seiki Mobility to open Molecular labs primarily for COVID-19 Testing in association with GeneiX Satya labs.
    • Stressing on the need to follow the 5-step process of – Testing, Tracing, Treatment, COVID-19 appropriate behaviour and Vaccination, Omega Seiki Mobility is opening up Molecular labs under GeneiX Satya labs, with investments from the company and UAE based investors. Starting from Haryana, the company will be expanding this nationally.
  • Oxygen Plant: Omega Seiki Mobility to open Oxygen Plant in IMT Faridabad.
    • The company is airlifting an 8-ton oxygen plant from South Korea. The plant will be operational by June 2021.
  • HelpingHandForGood: Omega Seiki Mobility provides food, delivers oxygen cylinders, running errands and medicines in the city, Faridabad.
    • Omega Seiki Mobility is providing food, delivering oxygen cylinders, running errands and providing medicines on the company’s Electric Vehicles under its mission #HelpingHandForGood.

According to Dr Deb Mukherji, MD of Omega Seiki Mobility, the buck doesn’t stop here in Faridabad or for that matter Haryana. The next PoA is to expand these helping hands to Uttar Pradesh. Here’s hoping more people come forward with similar initiatives & further praying more power & more abilities to the folks at Omega Seiki Mobility.

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